For Everest
weird band from new york.


The new John Galm album “Sky of No Stars” is streaming in full on Brooklyn Vegan right now.




Does anyone in New York have a basement and is dumb enough to let For Everest minus Sarah play a Hawthorne Heights cover set there on Halloween. Serious inquires only.

I didn’t clear this with anyone else in the band but I will make it happen I promise

You guys should just drive down to Gainesville, FL for Fest and play the cover set in my living room. It’s pretty big if I move the coffee table.

we were trying to make it down, but it just wasn’t in the cards this year. next year tho B)


Listening to demos of the for everest full length


welcome to hell

Can I still get a copy of Last of the Dogstronauts/For Everest Goes Pop? What are you working on next?

lotd has been sold out for a while. ask brokenworldmedia, i think they’re planning a restock soon. fe goes pop was never on tape but you can download it for free on bandcamp

we’re writing our lp now, it’s called the adventures walmart mountain and the bartender from chili’s

i'm confused i thought you guys were playing on friday? are you involved in the times square stuff now too?

Yep, we’re playing both shows, this Friday at Lit Lounge (full band) and Sunday acoustic in Times Square.

Sunday, October 12th

This upcoming weekend the legacy of a defunct music club/sticky hole-in-the-wall will return to New York City. Hardcore, punk, and indie bands will once more crawl out of their DIY basement spaces thanks to the CBGB Music and Film Festival, which hosts a number of shows at venues across Manhattan and Brooklyn. On Sunday, October 12th, in the spirit of the CBGB weekend matinee, For Everest will be sharing a bill with the likes of Devo and Jane’s Addiction in Times Square. It’s not exactly “underground rock” anymore, but it is an opportunity that we are blessed and excited to take part in.

On the other hand, we were also disappointed to learn that Sunday’s lineup will include a performance by the band Surfer Blood, whose lead singer was arrested on domestic violence charges in 2012. His presence creates a space that we feel uncomfortable inviting our fans to, and under no circumstances do we want our participation in the event to condone his actions.

As a survivor of domestic abuse, agreeing to play this show was a tough call. There aren’t enough synonyms for the word “shit” to describe the way I felt as I contemplated writing this letter. The facts are that 1 in 4 women will experience domestic violence in her lifetime and a majority of these incidents will never be reported. Escaping ones abuser is often the most life-threatening and dangerous act. Walking away is never easy.

Although we’re not even playing the same stage, declining to participate and not speaking out felt as though we were complicit in this troubling issue. Ultimately, there is no way that Surfer Blood will play to no one in Times Square and For Everest does not have a big enough following to massively affect their draw. So fuck them.

We can play the show.

We can speak out.

We can continue to invest ourselves in creating safer spaces for our music and for our fans.

And we ask that you be an ally for those around you who may need your help. If you are currently stuck in an unsafe environment, please know that there are resources available to you and people who are willing to listen.


Safe Horizons - Providing support, preventing violence, and promoting justice for victims of crime and abuse.


If you are still interested in seeing us, catch us on the North Acoustic Stage at 2pm on Sunday, October 12th.


Posture & The Grizzly - Christians & Freemason Will Kill Me

New demo ep. Limited edition cassette will be available on their upcoming tour.

Stream / download free here:

The True Dogs. Nick & Ian mixed and mastered this, buy a tape on the twiabp forever tour so Jordan can continue to afford the john Wayne lifestyle

Paul made a shirt.



Saw an amazing show at The Golden Tea House this sunday. Great sets by leakysoups for-everest jetsetsail and john galm. Got some drawing and cant w8 for the next show. 


My good friend Lee drew some great stuff on the last night of our tour.