For Everest
weird band from new york.


For Everest - No Jazz Rock

/100, baby blue


Ok, here is Between Bodies. Just remember that we told you it would suck.

told slant tour is over and we already miss debating the finer points of new york vs long island bagels with felix. the good people at dongislandny filmed our entire set from saturday’s show including a ~new song~ that is now on the internet for all to see!! This was one of our all-time favorite shows to play and we’re really stoked to be able to share that with anyone who wasn’t able to make it out, dong island forever.

we’ve got one or two more NYC shows lined up in the next few weeks before we’ll be going dark for a minute to finish writing the LP and catch up with life obligations. see you soon ;)

Tour Good

John Galm at Golden Tea House. Get to the gig, guys.


Cody patiently waits for someone in For Everest to pet him


It’s seriously inspiring to see a group of pure and kind-hearted people create an incredible and robust DIY space (free of some other “DIY” networks on Long Island that implicitly support bigotry, violence, and sexism) that can also attract an audience and support touring artists, all of it being 15 minutes from the house where I grew up. Tonight was a very special show, Dong Island forever.


tonight i met people who cried during our set, someone who made patches of lyrics that i wrote, and kids who support diy and safe spaces. feeling some very good vibes right now 💜💜

endless thanks to dongislandny !!!

car #1 partakes in mom-made brownies